Robert I. Schulman

Robert I. Schulman is capping off 30 successful years in the financial industry with the establishment of Foredestine LLC, a new investment advisory firm specializing in obtaining unique and difficult to acquire assets in the market.

After over 14 years, Mr. Schulman has retired from Tremont Group Holdings, Inc. at which he held the positions of Chairman, CEO, President and COO as well as President of Rye Investment Management, Tremont’s single manager division; he continues to serve as Chairman Emeritus at Tremont until the end of 2008.

Prior to joining Tremont, Mr. Schulman spent a distinguished tenure at Smith Barney Inc. and predecessor firms, including Shearson Lehman Brothers, Inc. and E.F. Hutton & Company, holding the position of Senior Executive Vice President heading up Smith Barney’s $60 billion Consulting Services Division and the Retail New Product Development Group.

Mr. Schulman began his career in finance and investment management as a retail broker at E.F. Hutton; he went on to create the Leveraged Product Division at E. F. Hutton in 1982 and was responsible for the development of various derivative products, as well as growth index and financial futures and options trading.  In 1986, he assumed responsibility for all retail products offered at E.F. Hutton.

Mr. Schulman is a graduate of New York University, and received the degree of Master of Business Administration from the Lubin School of Business.